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10L Steel CO2 Cylinders

10L Steel Carbon Dioxide Cylinders@15Mpa Working Pressure
  • WMA140-10-150/CO2


  • 73110090

  • General 

CBMTECH CO2 Steel Cylinders:
The CO2 Cylinder are all made by high quality seamless steel pipe,consistent height, smoothly painting, and excellent properties, which is widely used for steel cutting, welding, electronic, medical and other fields.and are supposed to be used repeatedly for keeping argon which is mainly used for steel cutting, welding, electronic, medical and so on.

TypeISO9809 CO2 cylinderOutside diameter267mm
Water capacity80LHeight1710mm
Working pressure200BarStorage gas12M3
Test pressure300BarWeight84kg
Design wall thickness6.2mmMaterial34CrMo4
ColorGenerally red or as customers' demand
Filling mediumcarbon dioxide
Packing1.bulk loading; 2.packed in plastic woven net; 3.packed in wooden pallets; 4.as required.
About CBMTECHAs a China gas cylinder manufacturer, CBMTECH offers Oxygen Gas Cylinder, Nitrogen Gas Cylinder, Argon Gas Cylinder, CO2 Gas Cylinder, Hydrogen Gas Cylinder, Helium Gas Cylinder, Acetylene gas cylinder, CO2 Cartridge and Aluminum Cylinder … CE/TUV certified.

*Ref. main specs of EN1964 standard 10 Liter steel gas cylinders:
-1). Water capacity: 10 Liter; Mat.: 37Mn;
OD= 140 mm; W. P: 200bar; Wall thickness: 4.5 mm; G. W.: ~13.4kg;
Height: 830 mm (W/O cylinder cap);
-2). Color: RED
-3). Connecting thread: PZ27.8
-4). Applied standard: EN1964;
-5). Packing: Each with nylon bag or as preferred(based on bilateral agreement).

-1). WMA-Concave Bottom WMT-Convex Bottom;
-2). Hydraulic test pressure: 25Mpa or 30Mpa;
-3). Working test pressure: 15Mpa or 20Mpa;
-4). Various types of gas cylinders accessaries, say gas cylinder valves, cylinder caps, gas regulators can be optional.

Serial No.TypeOuter Diameter
Working Pressure(MPa)Volume(L)Design Wall
1EN1964 108-3.4-1741081743.42.1490434CrMo4

2EN1964 108-3.1-2231082233.12.74704.5
3EN1964 140-6.8-1741401746.85807.5
4EN1964 140-6.1-2231402236.13.55308
5EN1964 152-10.2-17415217410.22.971011.1
6EN1964 152-9.1-2231522239.13.76759.7
7EN1964 204-10-166.7204166.7103.846018
8EN1964 204-13.4-166.720413.457023
9EN1964 204-20-166.72042080028
10EN1964 204-26.8-166.720426.8104033
11EN1964 204-10-200204200104.647019
12EN1964 204-13.4-20020413.458024
13EN1964 204-20-2002042081029
14EN1964 204-26.8-20020426.8105036
15EN1964 204-40-20020440151048
16EN1964 229-40-166.7229166.7404.8125050
17EN1964 229-50-166.722950151058
18EN1964 229-40-200229200405.2125053
19EN1964 229-45-20022945137057
20EN1964 229-50-20022950151059
21EN1964 229-40-200229405.7125055
22EN1964 229-45-20022945137058
23EN1964 229-50-20022950151062
24EN1964 267-60-200267606.2137074
25EN1964 267-68-20026768151081
26EN1964 267-70-20026770153083
27EN1964 267-60-166.7267166.7606.513707334Mn2V
28EN1964 267-67.5-166.726767.5151081
29EN1964 267-70-166.726770153082
30EN1964 267-60-166.7267606.8137074
31EN1964 267-67.5-166.726767.5151082
32EN1964 267-70-166.726770153083
33EN1964 279-60-200279200606.412807834CrMo4
34EN1964 279-70-20027970146085
35EN1964 279-80-20027980164092

*About Us:
We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of Gas Cylinders Regulators, Oxygen Flowmeters, Medical Oxygen Flow Regulators, Medical Oxygen Kits, Oxygen Intake Devices, Gas O2 Valves, Medical Pin Index Valves, Medical Gas O2 Supply System Products, Gas O2 Cylinder Trolleys, Gas O2 Outlets, Ceiling Medical Pendants, Medical Gas Oxygen Respiratory Products and etc.

Advantages we have:
-1)Original Manuacturer: Our factories have professional equipments for gas cylinders, medical oxygen regulators, like Punch, CNC Machines, and etc.;
-2)Large Output capability: We have the capability to produce more than 50, 000pcs of Gas Cylinders & 30, 000 PCS Medical Oxygen Cylinders each month;
-3)Quality Control: With ISO9001: 2008, ISO 13485 Quality Management system; All products have been tested before out of our factories;
-4)Cost Advantages: We have cost advantage because our professional and scale economy;
-5)Series: We have different series and models, for different standards in different countries;
-6)Small order can be acceptable: M. O. Q. =50 PCS;
-7)Exporting experience: We have over 5 years' experience for exporting business.

What we can promise for you:
*High quality and security gas cylinders;
*Competitive unit price in the market;
*Fast delivery (3~4 weeks);
*Best after-sale service.

Anyway,should you have any intersts or some more info needed on our medical gas cylinders & allied gas items(gas cylinder valves,gas regulators,medical hospital central oxygen system products),you are really welcome to enquire us anytime!






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