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QF-2G1Oxygen Cylinder Safety Valve

Oxygen Valve QF-2G1 with Savety Device.
  • QF-2G1

  • 8481804090


*Referenced Main specs on well-sold high-quality O2 valve QF-2G1:
-Model: QF-2G Valve.
-Working pressure: 15Mpa
-Medium: O2, N2, Air
-Outlet thread: G5/8-14-RH-EXT
-Normal diameter: 4mm
-Inlet thread: PZ27.8;

NO.Type No.Product NameSuitable 
Outlet thread
Jiont thread to
 cylinder (mm)
of safety device ( Mpa)
1QF-2Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N2,Air154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
2QF-2(Plate chrome)Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Plate chrome)(Flapper type)O2,N3,Air154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
3QF-2BBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N4,Air154G5/8-LHGB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
4QF-2B1Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N5,Air154W22 x 1/14G1/221±1.5
5QF-2B2Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N6,Air154W22 x 1/14-LHG1/221±1.5
6QF-2B3Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N7,Air154G5/83/4-14-NGT21±1.5
7QF-2B4Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N8,Air154CGA300GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
8QF-2CBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N9,Air154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.8
9QF-2C2Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N10,Air154G1/2GB8335 PZ27.8
10QF-2C3Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N11,Air16.53.5G5/8GB8335 PZ27.8
11QF-2C6Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N12,Air154G5/8G5/8 Union coupling
12QF-2C7Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N13,Air154w21.8 x 1/14GB8335 PZ27.8
13QF-2DBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Needle type)O2,N14,Air154Female thread G5/8GB8335 PZ27.8
14QF-2EBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N15,Air153W22 x 1/14JIS B 8246 V1 Ø2021±1.5
15QF-2E1Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N16,Air153G5/8GB8335 PZ19.221±1.5
16QF-2E2Brass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N17,Air153W22 x 1/14GB8335 PZ19.221±1.5
17QF-2FBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Plate chrome)(Flapper type)O2,N18,Air154G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
18QF-2GBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Shaft coupling)O2,N19,Air154Femal threead G5/8GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
19QF-2MBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N20,Air154G1/2GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5
20QF-2PBrass oxygen cylinder valve(Flapper type)O2,N21,Air154W21.8 x 1/14GB8335 PZ27.821±1.5

CBMTECH Gas Cylinder Valves:

Our brach factory of gas valves has been speicialized in producing different types of high or low pressure gas cylinder valves and metals fittings for over 10 years. And our manufactured gas oxygen valves have been passed ISO9001and ISO2000 quality authentication system. To meet different clients' needs, all gas valves not only can be produced according to the Chinese National Standard GB, also the international standard, such as U. S. A. ANSI, Great Britain BS, Germany DIM, Japan JIS, and etc.

*About Us:

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of Gas Cylinders Regulators, Oxygen Flowmeters, Medical Oxygen Flow Regulators, Medical Oxygen Kits, Oxygen Intake Devices, Gas O2 Valves, Medical Pin Index Valves, Medical Gas O2 Supply System Products, Gas O2 Cylinder Carts/Trolleys, Gas O2 Outlets, Ceiling Medical Pendants, Medical Gas Oxygen Respiratory Products and etc.

*Advantages :
-1).Original Manuacturer: Being a professional manufacturer, we have professional equipments for our manufactureing products, including Punch Machines, CNC Machines, and etc.;
-2)Large Output capability: We have the capability to produce more than 50, 000PCS of Medical Oxygen Flowmeters each month;
-3)Quality Control: With ISO13485 Quality Management system; All products have been tested before out of factory;
-4)Cost Advantages: We have cost advantage because our professional and scale economy;
-5)Series: We have different series and models, for different standards in different countries;
-6)Small order can be acceptable: M. O. Q. =50PCS;
-7)Exporting experience: We have over 5 years' experience for exporting.

-a). Various types of seamless steel/aluminum gas cylinders,cylinder valves & flowmeter regulators can be optional;

-b).We have many advantages of satisfying our potential customers' MIXED needs of different sizes of HP steel gas(O2/Helium/Argon/CO2/N2) cylinders raning from 0.2L~68L @15Mpa/20Mpa & ISO3807-1/2 Dissolved  Acetylene Cylinders(2L~60L),as well as cylinder regulators & cylinder carts.


Anyway,should you have any intersts or some more info needed on our cylinder carts, medical/industrial gas cylinders & allied gas items(gas cylinder valves,gas cylinder regulators,medical hospital central oxygen system products),you are really welcome to enquire us anytime!






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