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Why the Market for Medical Gases & Equipment is Growing Fast?

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An insightful study (by Grand View Research) states that “Rising geriatric population and prevalence of respiratory diseases owing to increasing air pollution and unhealthy dilatory habits are key factors driving the demand for medical gases and equipment.” The article goes on saying that “ favorable regulations by governments worldwide is augmenting the growth of the market.”

Oxygen gas is dominating the global medical gases market due to the rising number of patients suffering from respiratory diseases. Medical gas mixtures are projected to grow at an 11.1% rate per year through 2020. North America represents more than 40% of the worldwide market, followed by Europe at 19%. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market.

At CBM Technologies ,we’ve recognized that institutions and care givers face real challenges in providing safe, accurate medical gas therapy to more and more patients. So we’ve focused on developing and promoting innovative products that increase staff productivity while improving patient care at the same time. Take our new Digital Automatic Gas Manifold Systems & Integrated Valves Series (also our Portable Oxygen Systems) and more. They come with upgraded parts,and some even with intelligent data management system,making it much easier for staff to deliver safe, accurate O2 gas....





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