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CGA870 Pin Index Oxygen Valve Yoke

Pin Index Valve Yoke Connector for Oxygen Delivery
  • CGA870Y


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Product Description

CGA870 Pin Index Oxygen Valve Yoke Connector,with cusstomized thread (1/4''NPT, 1/8''NPT and etc.)

Referenced Specs of our Medical Gauge Flow Oxygen Regulator for Large O2 Tanks:
-Max. Input Pressure: 4000 psi, -Output P ressure: 50 psi;
-Flow Rate: 1-15LPM;
-Inlet Thread: CGA540 FEMALE;
-(Diss Male Outlet)Connecting Thread: UNF9/16;
-Accessary: Each w/ disposable tubing nipple(Xmas swivel barb adaptor).
*Inlet & outlet connections can be supplied to meet the different country's requirement.
*Horizontal or Vertical outlet connections are available
*Side entry Inlet & bottom entry inlet are also available.
*Various gauge plate design to meet different demands: 2" diameter Inlet pressure gauges 0~4000psi *UL approved (ANSI, 0~315 bar conform to EN837-1(CE), 0~315kg(JIS) or 0~280000kpa (AS) are also available.
*Note: Our branch factory can manufacture various styles of medical oxygen cylinder regulators. We can offer medical oxygen system products based on our potential partners' requirements.
106RM-50PS-540106RM-50PS-540-VOXYGENCGA-540 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-540HT106RM-50PS-540HT-VOXYGENCGA-540 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-870106RM-50PS-870-VOXYGENCGA-870 Yoke
106RM-50PS-346106RM-50PS-346-VMEDICAL AIRCGA-540 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-346HT106RM-50PS-346HT-VMEDICAL AIRCGA-540 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-950106RM-50PS-950-VMEDICAL AIRCGA-950 Yoke
106RM-50PS-540106RM-50PS-540-VN20CGA-326 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-540HT106RM-50PS-540HT-VN2OCGA-326 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-870106RM-50PS-870-VN2OCGA-910 Yoke
106RM-50PS-320106RM-50PS-320-VCO2CGA-320 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-320HT106RM-50PS-320HT-VCO2CGA-320 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-940106RM-50PS-940-VCO2CGA-940 Yoke
106RM-50PS-580106RM-50PS-580-VNitrogenCGA-580 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-580HT106RM-50PS-580HT-VNitrogenCGA-580 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-960106RM-50PS-960-VNitrogenCGA-960 Yoke
106RM-50PS-280106RM-50PS-280-VMedial MixturesCGA-280 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-280HT106RM-50PS-280HT-VMedial MixturesCGA-280 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-500106RM-50PS-500-VMedial MixturesCGA-500 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-500HT106RM-50PS-500HT-VMedial MixturesCGA-500 Handtight Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-880106RM-50PS-880-VMedial MixturesCGA-880 Yoke
106RM-50PS-890106RM-50PS-890-VMedial MixturesCGA-890 Yoke
106RM-50PS-930106RM-50PS-930-VMedial MixturesCGA-930 Yoke
106RM-50PS-580106RM-50PS-580-VMedical HeliumCGA-580 Nut and Nipple
106RM-50PS-580HT106RM-50PS-580HT-VMedical HeliumCGA-580 Handtight Nut and Nipple
About Us:
We can manufacture and supply Seamless Steel Oxygen Cylinders, Portable Oxygen Cylinder Sets, Gas Oxygen Tanks, Oxygen Flowmeters, Medical Oxygen Flow Regulators, Oxygen Cylinder Regulators With Humidifiers, Medical Oxygen Inhalers, Click-style Oxygen Regulators, Wall-type Oxygen Regulators, Reuseable O2 Humidifiers, Disposable Oxygen Humidifiers, Medical Oxygen Cylinders, Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders, Medical Oxygen Kits, Oxygen Intake Devices, Gas O2 Valves, Medical Pin Index Valves, Medical Gas O2 Supply System Products, Gas O2 Cylinder Trolleys, Oxygen Carts, Gas O2 Outlets, Ceiling Medical Pendants, Medical Gas Oxygen Respiratory Products and etc.

Advantages :
-1)Original Manuacturer: We have professional equipments like CNC Machines, and etc.;
-2)Large Output capability: We have the capability to produce more than 50, 000PCS of Medical Oxygen Flowmeters each month;
-3)Quality Control: With ISO13485 Quality Management system; All products have been tested before out of our branch factories;
-4)Cost Advantages: We have cost advantage because our professional and scale economy;
-5)Series: We have different series and models, for different standards in different countries;
-6)Small order can be acceptable: M. O. Q. =100PCS;
-7)Exporting experience: We have nearly 5 years' experience for exporting;

Various types of HP gas cylinders,cylinder valves,cylinder caps,valve guards can be optional;
-b).We have many advantages of satisfying our potential customers' MIXED needs of different sizes of HP steel gas(O2/Helium/Argon/CO2/N2) cylinders raning from 0.2L~68L @15Mpa/20Mpa & ISO3807-1/2 Dissolved  Acetylene Cylinders(2L~60L) as well as gas cylinder valves & caps;
What we can promise for you:
*High quality and security gas cylinders;
*Competitive unit price in the market;
*Fast delivery (3~4 weeks);
*Best after-sale service.

Should you have any interest or some more info needed on our mafactured medical oxygen flowmeters & related medical gas system products, just pls feel free to contact us for our better offers & best services!






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