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  • Q Normally how long can you give feedback after an enquiry/question?

    AService first is our principle of service!” Being a complete series of solutions provider, we wish that we could give you immediate feedback,and we’ve been always trying to respond any question/enquiry within a working day/24 hrs. And if necessary you’re warmly welcome to call us +86-153 5606 5235 (24hrs online) for our timely response anytime.
  • Q Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

    A Actually we are an integrated industrial and trade enterprise. Since 1996 our 1st old factory ( NINGBO YINZHOU XIANFENG ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENT FACTORY) has been producing Industrial Gas Flow-meters and parts,and now we’ve developed into five manufacturing facilities,offering a wide ranges of gas related products. And in 2015 we founded our new trading company NINGBO CBMT INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD. so that we can supply our potential customers with various complete solutions.
  • Q Can you supply us customized products?

    A Surely we can. Actually we can offer OEM services and produce customized goods as per potential customers’ drawings/samples.
  • Q How many workers does your company have? What about the technicians? How is the capacity?


    Up to now totally our factories have more than 300 employees, including 20-around team members of technicians:
    a). 3 technical engineers for our CE approved Medical Oxygen Regulators and various types of welding gas regulators; b). 3 technical members for our cylinder valves,welding & cutting torches; c). 5 engineers for our HP gas cylinders; d ). 5 technicians for our MGPS products. Within one month, normally we can produce: a). 30,000 units of Medical Oxygen Flow-meter Regulators,b). .50,000 units of Cylinder Valves; c). At least 30,000 pcs HP Gas Cylinders; d). And over 100,000 sets of Hospital Bed Head Units, Medical Gas Outlets/Terminals & probes.

  • Q How to guarantee the quality of your exported goods?

    A Actually the quality is related closely to life for our high pressure gas products & medical gas items.“Quality is life !”We have been striving to manufacture and supply stable high-quality products. a). Our workers are required to carry out our Quality System ISO9001: 2005 & std ISO 13485:2003/EN ISO 13485:2002 strictly . Our CE approved medical products (Medical Oxygen Regulators used in health-care facilities ) can meet the requirements of European directive 93/42/EEC ; b). All mandatory tests must be operated so that the quality of every batch of productions can be stable and reliable enough,thus if necessary our Test Reports can be supplied together with every dispatched order. c). QC engineers are well equipped with our factories,before the packaging and loading of every order,our QC chief shall inspect goods by random,ensuring that the quality can meet our customers’ requirements or some international standards.And our manufactured products shall be subject to our promised Warranty Life. d). We are also trying to expand our QC team while expanding our sales team.Our QC team members shall make every endeavor to the quality of our manufactured goods and exported ones.





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